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We are happy that you are here! 

We are an Austrian association with a fundraising team in Germany and jointly support private animal rescuers, animal shelters and their animals in need with material donations for the vet clinic and food and material donations for the animal shelters. Unfortunately, collecting donations is becoming increasingly difficult due to the Corona lockdowns ...

In AUSTRIA, the local team takes care of lost and found animals and takes over unwanted or abandoned animals for rehoming. We also work with authorities to end cruelty against animals and to prevent or stop breeding projects that are contrary to animal welfare. 

In ROMANIA, we and the German fundraising team ensure that 12 dogs, which were first rescued from a public kill shelter and then left behind in the private animal shelter, can be supplied with food and taken care of by a veterinarian. For another 10 shy dogs left homeless after their owner died we donated money to have a small kennel set up just for them. These shy dogs need specially experienced dog trainers in order to strengthen their trust in people, to form bonds, to learn how to live together in a human household with all the rules of behaviour. These months of intensive socialization are very costly.

We also collect donations for the monthly 250 castrations of dogs and cats carried out free of charge by a veterinary clinic in Dambovita for the pets of the impoverished rural population. Poor people love their animals too, and save abandoned animals to share what little they have with them. Due to their low monthly income of less than € 300 and old-age pensions between € 90-100, they depend on help. The veterinary clinics, which castrate the pets of this population group free of charge in the interests of the municipalities, have to raise the funds themselves - a task that can only be carried out with the help of animal welfare associations and donors. Castration is the only effective means to reduce the number of abandoned animals in the long term and to end the intolerable animal misery. (More under SPENDENNOTRUFE DRINGEND "Donation emergency calls - urgent"). 

In BOSNIA we sponsor the dog pension, food, vaccinations and transport costs of dogs from a private animal shelter and rescue them abroad with the help of animal rescue oranisations that have dog trainers and shelter facilities. The private animal shelter had a court judgment confirming it was operating legally and the conditions for the dogs were excellent but still had to be evacuated due to life-threatening harassment from local animal haters. In 2019 there were around 100 dogs, beginning of 2020 only 47 dogs. Early November 2020, three more very shy dogs travelled abroad to a shelter with a special dog trainer and into a safe and happy life. Two dogs - one severely handycapped - are now the only ones still waiting for their travel tickets. (More under SPENDENNOTRUF DRINGEND "Donation emergency calls - urgent").

In ASTURIA (NORTHERN SPAIN) we support a small animal rescue association with material and food donations for the poorly cared for animals in the public kill shelters of northern Spain.

Many animal welfare tasks can no longer be handled by a single association. We work with animal rescue associations, private animal rescuers, dog trainers and animal shelters and collect donations for joint animal rescue projects and ongoing castration programs. 

We hope you love animals and help us to help them ! Thank you very much !!! 

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas season and stay healthy !!!

Anneliese Boldizsar       Gerald Hanreich

 (Chairwoman)                                 (Chairman)

AID Animals in Danger Tiernothilfe Verein

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